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Welcome to Martial Arts Classes in Auckland

ABOUT  Ip man

Ip Mans Sons - Ip Chun

                       - Ip Ching

Wing Chun Oceania

Lineage Ip Mans indoor Home tuition

Bruce Lee the Movie Star and Ip Man Student

Welcome to learning with out having to be number 1.

We prioritise learning over winning.

When everyone learns, everyone wins together.

Learn locks and unlocks, to traps and non traps, to what weapons can do,  to seeing the over all big view.

Add to your skills and knowledge, fun Wing Chun.

We hope you can learn from our videos.

Thanks for joining us !


Wing Chun Fun.

Martial Arts Auckland

Defender Classes and Weapons

Ip Man, and Sons plus Bruce Lee, -  Wing Chun Hong Kong New Zealand  Lineage                         Oceania  WC HKNZ

Wing Chun HKNZ