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Ip Man, and Sons plus Bruce Lee, -  Wing Chun Hong Kong New Zealand  Lineage                         Oceania  WC HKNZ

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Thank you for joining us !

Our Coach was taught at Ip Mans Home and School in Hong Kong,

 where Bruce Lee also lived and trained.

 Our Coach is written  Certified in SLT, CK, Muk Yang,BG, Weapons and

As Certified Teacher by standards of Both Sons of Ip Man,

 Sifu Ip Chun and Grand Master Sifu Ip Ching.

Ip Man gave the Title Grand Master to only one person.  His Son  Ip Ching.

Grand Master is Bestowed / given, not self proclaimed / taken.

We Certify, tutor and practise Skills that make you progress without need to win.

Fun learning, friends and good heath circulation.

Enjoy fun Wing Chun  !